Council & Committee Agendas
To view the agendas of Eckington Parish Council meetings and Committee meetings click on the link below.
Council Agenda 2 April 2019
Council Agenda 5th March 2019
Council Agenda 5th Feb 2019
Council Agenda 6th Nov 2018
Council Agenda 4th Sept 2018
Open Spaces Agenda 5th July 2018
Council Agenda 3rd July 2018
Council Agenda 2nd July 2018
Council Agenda 12th June 2018
1 May 2018 Agenda
Annual Parish Meeting 19th April
Council Agenda 3rd April 2018
Council Agenda 6th March 2018
Council Agenda 6th February 2018
Open Spaces Agenda 18 February 2018
Open Spaces Minutes 18 February 2018
Council Agenda 9th January 2018
Council Agenda Tuesday 5th December 2017
Budget Meeting Agenda 16th November 2017
Council Agenda 7th November 2017
Council Agenda 3rd October 2017
Council Agenda 5th September 2017
Council Agenda 4th July 2017
Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 6th June
Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 21st April
Open Spaces Agenda 20 April 2017
Council Agenda April 2017
Council Agenda March 2017
Council Agenda February 2017
Council Agenda January 2017
Agendas for Council Meetings:

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Communications Committee 3rd October 2018 Agenda
Communication Group Agendas:
Open Spaces Committee Agenda
7 January 2019 agenda OS
5 July Agenda for Open Spaces.doc.pdf
18th February 2018 OS Agenda .pdf
Open Spaces 19th October agenda 2017.pdf
OSC 20 July 2017 Agenda.pdf
OSC 20 April 2017 Agenda.pdf
Open Spaces 19 January 2017 agenda.pdf
7th February 2019 CH&P agenda.pdf
18 October Agenda 2018.pdf
28 June agenda 2018.pdf
1st February 2018 CH&P agenda.pdf
CH&P 2nd October agenda.pdf
29th June CH&P Agenda.pdf
28 June agenda 2018.pdf
CHP 16 February 2017 Agenda.pdf
1st February 2018 CH&P agenda
Community Halls and Premises Agenda
Finance Working Party Agenda
FWP 11th February 2019 Agenda.pdf
Finance  Agenda 26 November 2018.pdf
Finance  Agenda 12 November 2018.pdf
Finance 6th August Agenda 2018.pdf
Finance Agenda 30th April 2018.pdf
Finance Agenda 26 February 2018.pdf